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My LGBT project, “Decay of Tolerance”, means to create empathy between people in order to heal each other. The images show obstacles and worries of life that one, no matter gender, has to go through. Keeping secrets and hardship to one’s self will slowly destroy one's mental and physical health. I am hopeful that after the viewer sees the resemblances of pain; they will come to the understanding that the best way to deal with personal troubles is to let them out and support each other. The project will, at the least, start the underlying conversations of social acceptance and support. 
Art Direction | Photography: Manutsawee Buapet
© BMANUT Production​​​​​​​

No matter who we are, we share the same feelings. We all have basic needs, wants, and desires.
I would like this body of work to start the conversation before it is too late. From my past experiences, starting the conversation is always the hardest part. I hope my works will seed sympathy. The photographs tell stories and experiences that could belong to someone. We all have fears and challenges. Through my works, I hope to open dialogues and connect people by giving their pain and suffering a voice.
With this work, “Decay of Tolerance,” I cannot guarantee that there would be a happy ending in the conversation. Regardless, I am sure that there will be a happy ending when one finds someone who will support oneself no matter what one has disclosed, even that someone is within themselves. It takes courage to face what we think is our weakness. There are people out there who care about us. Keeping sorrow to oneself will only harm the body and mind.​​​​​​​
Thank you to all my friends who helped contributing with this project by being vulnerable and share their story.
I love you.
Manut B.

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